Best (and Worst) Makeout Spots of MIHS


Nico Galvin and Nico Galvin

A practice room in the Band Hall, a frequented makeout spot. Photo by Annie Poole

Sometimes, the only thing that can make school better is swapping spit with your special someone — but before you do, you should know the best spots. With almost four years of combined dating experience, no one is more qualified to talk about making out than Nico Galvin and Hannah Whobrey.

Room 503 (Band Room)


You can get as loud as you want here; the sound of Band will both drown you out and set a romantic mood.

Room 308 (Chinese Room)

七月 / 七日

French is the language of love; Mandarin is the language of making out during school.

The Strip


It’s called that for a reason.

Room 401 (Calculus Room)

(∫e(28(ln(x))/x) dx)/10

There’s no time that you need someone to console your emotional fragility more than after a calculus test. Making out isn’t just for pleasure; it’s also for healing.

Any Block Room


Makeout partner not meeting your standards? Don’t sweat it — there’s another 58 people to choose from.

Main Office


For some, it’s the free candy. For us, it’s the sense of danger.

Room 110 (Physics Room)


This room is full of romantic potential, but it’ll take a lot of work to turn it into kinetic energy.

Underneath Mr. Laughary’s Pile of Ungraded Essays


This is perhaps the safest place in the entire school to have an uninterrupted makeout sesh. You can enjoy making out here for three months at the very least.