Students Wear Blue in Solidarity With Pittsburgh

Compiled by Isabel Funk, Ellie Gottesman and Annie Poole

On Monday, October 29, MIHS stood with students across the nation and wore blue in honor of the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting. The shooting occurred on Saturday while members of the Tree of Life Congregation were worshipping at synagogue. Eleven members of the community were killed and six more were injured. This shooting demonstrates the Anti-Semitism that still exists today and the fear it instills in the Jewish community.

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Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to the MIHS Islander

By Ben Capuano

To those new to our school district this year – we get it, you might not know what to expect from the school newspaper. That’s fair. How could you have been expected to keep up with the best student newspaper in the country when you didn’t even know it existed? But now you’re officially part of our school. You have no excuse. You should be studying every issue we ever publish.

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