Celebrating Black History Month Beyond February

By Annika Bhananker and Maya Virdell Black History Month is about appreciating the history, achievements and struggles of people of African descent globally. “What is ‘black culture?’” Channing Martin said. “Is black culture the way that I walk or the way that I talk? Usually, when ‘black culture’ is being utilized in an environment, it is the majority of the time referenced by white people … Continue reading Celebrating Black History Month Beyond February

Inclusion Motto Demands Honest Conversation

By Nico Galvin

Inclusion is perhaps the buzzword of the year at MIHS. The improvement of inclusion is a key part of the School Improvement Plan, and, though it isn’t officially a part of the motto yet, the school is seriously considering adding “inclusion” to the other three I’s. But is the school doing enough to add the word as a legitimate part of our values?

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Take the Plunge: Metamorphoses Review

By Ben Capuano

“Metamorphoses” is the last play I would ever expect the school to get behind performing. The water, mature themes and instances of casual swearing seem like the exact kind of thing the administration usually censors from high school productions. But it seems like just this once, all the barriers were lifted, and ultimately, the results speak for themselves.

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With Pride: Drum Major Reflects on Rose Parade Experience

By Spencer Klein

Hello. Before I begin, I’d like to mention that I don’t like to brag. I’m bad at it, but because of the nature of this article and pressure from my editor, this piece involves a lot of it. So stick with me — there’s a message. You just have to endure the flex of the century.

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