Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to the MIHS Islander

By Ben Capuano

To those new to our school district this year – we get it, you might not know what to expect from the school newspaper. That’s fair. How could you have been expected to keep up with the best student newspaper in the country when you didn’t even know it existed? But now you’re officially part of our school. You have no excuse. You should be studying every issue we ever publish.

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Parking Crunch Continues Due to District Inaction

By Walt McKelvie

Parking. It’s an issue that affects almost every student at MIHS, directly or indirectly. It’s what forces people to choose between coming to school a half hour early for a spot on the Strip or parking far from the school. It’s a problem that has only gotten worse over the years as more and more students drive to school, and it has led to constant strain on the school’s existing parking facilities.

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School District Should Agree to Union Demands

By Grady Short

After several rallies and rounds of negotiations, the Mercer Island Education Association (MIEA) is set to vote on a potential district-wide strike Sept. 4, the day before school starts.  This decision, if it must be made, would represent a failing on the part of the Mercer Island School District to adequately compensate its employees. Continue reading “School District Should Agree to Union Demands”