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2018-2019 Staff


Executive Editors

Online Editor in Chief: Ellie Gottesman

Print Editor in Chief: Grady Short

Managing Editor: Isabel Funk

Business Manager: Jacob D’Souza


General Editors

Features Editor: Hannah Whobrey

Sports Editors: Ethan Preston and Maya Virdell

Spread Editor: Ellie Gottesman

Opinions Editor: Lucille Shield

A&E Editor: Annie Poole


Copy Editor: Annika Bhananker

Photo Editor: Annie Poole

Cartoonist: Teddy Fischer

A&E Columnist: Ben Capuano

Humor Columnist: Spencer Klein


Staff Writers

Tahssya Avant, Natalie Chen, Kiran D’Souza, Charlie Fischer, Baran Fotouhiyehpour, Nico Galvin, Lena Hardisty, Max Hense, Sabrina Hubbell, Alex Isbell, Alex Levin, Declan McSherry, Jeff Parkinson, Sandra Pedersen, Jordan Snyder and Roni Talby



Chris Twombley