A Hard Look At “Mother’s Day”

By Ben Capuano When we try to consider the inherent value of a movie, we usually envision this aspect on a binary spectrum. The movie’s always good, bad or somewhere in between. I’d like to argue there’s another dimension that everyone knows about but rarely discusses: the boredom axis. Go too far into the boredom dimension and you’ll soon find in a frightening place full … Continue reading A Hard Look At “Mother’s Day”

A Story of Wit, Humor and Emotion: Much Ado About Nothing Review

By Lena Hardisty and Sabrina Hubbell | All Photos Courtesy Maria Reyes Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is a story of wit, humor and human emotion. The inspired plotline paired with a beautiful set combine to make a tension and laughter filled show. Shakespeare’s stories have been told time and time again, often seen as tiring, old classics. However, Drama Two’s performance, placed in 1960’s … Continue reading A Story of Wit, Humor and Emotion: Much Ado About Nothing Review

A Night of the Arts: 2019 Showcase Gallery

This year’s fine arts showcase debuted with the bold new theme of “Night at the __________!” Expect to be lost in weighty themes of darkness and light! In all seriousness though, this year has been a triumph of student creativity and expression. From individual high school portfolios to elementary school crayon drawings, there’s aesthetic link between all of it that makes strolling the halls of … Continue reading A Night of the Arts: 2019 Showcase Gallery

Take the Plunge: Metamorphoses Review

By Ben Capuano

“Metamorphoses” is the last play I would ever expect the school to get behind performing. The water, mature themes and instances of casual swearing seem like the exact kind of thing the administration usually censors from high school productions. But it seems like just this once, all the barriers were lifted, and ultimately, the results speak for themselves.

Continue reading “Take the Plunge: Metamorphoses Review”