The flaws of ASB elections

Brightly colored cardstock posters cover the walls of the Mercer Island High School. Students chatter with one another, plucking lollipops off posters proclaiming, “don’t be a dum-dum, vote for Lily Gile!” Outside and after school, students running for leadership positions record humorous videos, packing in as many jokes as possible. Associate Student Body (ASB) elections have begun. Continue reading “The flaws of ASB elections”

What’s in your food?

Food at Mercer Island School District cafeterias should be labeled with ingredient and nutritional value lists. Due to the presence of severe allergens and religious restrictions, this lack of labeling is unethical, and it is required by law that purchasable foods be labeled with ingredient and nutrition lists. According to Title 21: Food and Drugs of the Codified Federal Regulations, “When food is not in … Continue reading What’s in your food?