Senior words of wisdom

Congratulations to this year’s graduating seniors! In case you missed it, below is a transcript of Ryan Jones’ commencement speech. To my brothers and sisters in the hands down undisputed greatest class to have ever done a senior skip day… in February, our class 2016. I’ve been watching plenty of commencement speech’s and they all start off with a bad joke and some obscure and overly … Continue reading Senior words of wisdom

Puckett’s Parting Words

Hello Islander Students – As we head into summer, I would like to congratulate you for finishing the school year in a very positive way.   Next year you will be one year older and moving up. We will welcome a new Freshman Class. I have all the confidence in you to set the positive pace modeling our school motto: Integrity-Innovation-Inspiration. What does this really mean in … Continue reading Puckett’s Parting Words

Class of 2015 Graduation Speech

Congratulations to the MIHS class of 2015! For those of you who didn’t attend graduation or for those of you who want to experience it all over again, here’s the transcript of Mr. Randolph’s graduation speech. “Thank you. That felt really good. Dr. Plano, the Mercer Island School Board, our MIHS administration, staff, coaches, teachers, and parents, thank you for your tireless work in seeing … Continue reading Class of 2015 Graduation Speech

Solar Panel Statement Correction

With the Solar Panel article recently published in The Islander, there were some issues with our paraphrase of Patricia Weston’s opinion. This is a transcript of her statement to avoid misapprehensions. An updated version of article has also been reprinted in the online version of the paper which can be found here. Our solar panels produce electricity for our public utility district, and then we still buy … Continue reading Solar Panel Statement Correction

The Voice of Mercer Island Basketball Signs Off

We asked senior Luke Mounger to reflect on his four-year career as the high school basketball teams’ broadcaster. Q: How did you start broadcasting for the basketball games? As a freshman, I heard that a senior, Ryan Rouillard was restarting the radio-broadcasting program. He was going to broadcast the Boys and Girls varsity basketball games. I asked if I could shadow him so I could … Continue reading The Voice of Mercer Island Basketball Signs Off